Meek Is Not Weak

Meek Seems Pretty Weak – They’ll inherit nothing

Matthew 5:5 Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth. On first reading of this, this sounds like ...
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Struggle and Pray

Struggle makes us Stronger – Why you seriously need Gratitude

Why Struggle? Father Raymond J de Souza says struggle makes us stronger. His article in the national post (here) looks ...
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Wish Upon A Star

Wish upon a star – Walt Disney team was deeply correct

Tonight I happened to hear one of my favourite songs growing up as a child - "When you wish upon ...
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Human Jesus

Suffering from not Suffering – Do not aim to for Happiness

There are dozens of books on happiness - How to be happy; How to become happy; Doing "X", "Y" and ...
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Guidance in Life - Bible

The Bible: History’s Greatest 4K Ultra HD Monitor

The Bible: History’s Greatest 4K Ultra HD Monitor Jaxson Smyth There’s a long-parroted notion that life without God or religion ...
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Natalie Religion through Love

New found Belief – Lost love and the stones from God

"I loved and lost Natalie my beautiful Israeli girlfriend and treasured my  coloured stone - a token and reminder of ...
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Life Reset

Tried Turning it On/Off Again? Rebirth & Forgiveness

Humans are Complicated and Messy Humans are complicated things, and so are computers. We are made of thousands of gooey ...
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Gratitude Grateful Gravitas Good Attitude

“Be Grateful” – Dr Jordan Peterson – Why you seriously need Gratitude

Why be Grateful? In the recent interview, Leigh Sales of the ABC - Australia's National Broadcaster, drilled Peterson on his ...
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Priest Preacher Teach Scribe

Preachers, Priests and Modern Christian Thinkers – Compilers of Wisdom?

Compilers are a special type of computer software which are capable of translating a specifically coded form of syntax into ...
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Jordan Peterson Lobster

Jordan Peterson Competition – Tickets have been won!

Thank you to all who entered the competition!  Many entries were thought provoking and  insightful.  I look forward to featuring ...
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Walled Paradise

Fire Walls – Protecting the Computer and your Paradise

Garden of Eden is often called 'Paradise'. Paradise is derived from a Persian word and means 'walled orchard garden'.  So the ...
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Hindenburg Crash - Life Exception

Fatal Exception – What’s on your call stack?

When coding, a Fatal exception is an error or situation that happen while the program is running.  In modular programming, ...
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Minecraft Cookie GUUID Eucharist

Minecraft Cookies, Communion and God’s Unique Identifier? GUID

During Communion, we  eat the body of Christ and drink his blood – what does this mean?  It is not ...
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Chaos in your Evil Computer

Chaos and Order – Your Computer is Evil.

There are many theories on good and evil - many discussed in great detail by Philosophers that are long dead ...
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GOD Read Only Memory ROM

The Bible – God’s Read Only Memory (ROM) Code for Humanity

Computers – which are now in almost every electronic device at our finger tips – have some common logical parts ...
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Praying to God

Praying is not a Direct Message – DM – to God

Praying is not necessarily a DM - Direct Message - to God. This means you probably won't be receiving a ...
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God Code Flower

We’re up – and Yes you can join the mission!

After nearly two years of thinking, assembling, writing notes and ideas on my devices, the God Code Online web site ...
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