Jesus is Risen

Gift from the Risen Jesus – Your Reboot option

Risen - Your Reboot option The resurrection of Jesus is celebrated by Christians all over the world as the most ...
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Jesus of Nazareth – Ultimate Heroic character in the “simulation”?

No matter what you believe the story of Jesus of Nazareth is embedded into the very DNA of our world ...
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Cary Cross

Jesus died – could this be testing on the Creators computer system?

What was Jesus doing? Was Jesus dying part of God’s eternal life system test? Jesus - arguable the most influential ...
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Big Bang Creator

Stephen Hawking is wrong – God can exist.

I just watched Bishop Barron's great discussion of Hawkings recent book (here). I had my own thoughts. Stephen Hawking is ...
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Download Holy Spirit

Jesus, Holy Spirit and God – Can programming concepts help you understand God?

Genesis 1:1 "In the beginning God created the heavens and earth." In the original Hebrew Elohim is plural. ie "In ...
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Give My Heart

Cloud computing is a Mirage

Cloud Computing is a Mirage "Dad, what does the computing 'cloud' run on?", asks the son of this father. After ...
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Footprints in the Sand

Foot Prints in your Computer – Who is taking care of you?

 "My precious child, I love you and will never leave you, never, ever, during your trials and testings. When you ...
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bible code

Religion Obsolete or Pseudo code for life?

Religion is Obsolete. Right? Bret Weinstein (@BretWeinstein)  says, moderating the Dr Jordan Peterson vs Sam Harris discussion in Vancouver: "What ...
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Religion as Operating System

If Religion was an Operating System, which one is yours?

Surprisingly comparing Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh OS and Linux is a little like comparing the Catholicism, Orthodox Christians and Protestants ...
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God Buffering

Your buffering and why your computer sees you as God

To your computer, you are a God. The computer's raw data goes through buffering. It never sees the raw data ...
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Matrix Neo Dies Jesus Dies

Can you get to heaven from the Matrix?

Stuck in the Matrix? Could you get to Heaven anyway? The Matrix is a great movie -  a lot of ...
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Life Reset

Tried Turning it On/Off Again? Rebirth & Forgiveness

Humans are Complicated and Messy Humans are complicated things, and so are computers. We are made of thousands of gooey ...
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Priest Preacher Teach Scribe

Preachers, Priests and Modern Christian Thinkers – Compilers of Wisdom?

Compilers are a special type of computer software which are capable of translating a specifically coded form of syntax into ...
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Garden of Eden - Walled Paradise

Fire Walls – Protecting the Computer and your Paradise

Garden of Eden is often called 'Paradise'. Paradise is derived from a Persian word and means 'walled orchard garden'.  So the ...
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Hindenburg Crash - Life Exception

Fatal Exception – What’s on your call stack?

When coding, a Fatal exception is an error or situation that happen while the program is running.  In modular programming, ...
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Mine Craft Communion

Minecraft Cookies, Communion and God’s Unique Identifier? GUID

During Communion, we  eat the body of Christ and drink his blood – what does this mean?  Catholics believe it ...
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Chaos in your Evil Computer

Chaos and Order – Your Computer is Evil.

There are many theories on good and evil - many discussed in great detail by Philosophers that are long dead ...
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Bible Rom

The Bible – God’s Read Only Memory (ROM) Code for Humanity

Computers – which are now in almost every electronic device at our finger tips – have some common logical parts ...
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