Download Holy Spirit

Jesus, Holy Spirit and God – Can programming concepts help you understand God?

Genesis 1:1 "In the beginning God created the heavens and earth." In the original Hebrew Elohim is plural. ie "In ...
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Give My Heart

Cloud computing is a Mirage

Cloud Computing is a Mirage "Dad, what does the computing 'cloud' run on?", asks the son of this father. After ...
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Footprints in the Sand

Foot Prints in your Computer – Who is taking care of you?

 "My precious child, I love you and will never leave you, never, ever, during your trials and testings. When you ...
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Armour of God

Do you have your “Armour of God”?

Bishop Barron discusses some core themes often covered by Dr Jordan Peterson. The Hero, like Bilbo Baggins from Tolkein's the ...
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Samson Pillars

Life is hard. What are your pillars? Bible stories = more pillars

Dr Jordan Peterson gave an inspirational talk recently and discussed clinical depression, how to avoid it and surprisingly stories have ...
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Programming Pseudo Code

Religion Obsolete or Pseudo code for life?

Religion is Obsolete. Right? Bret Weinstein (@BretWeinstein)  says, moderating the Dr Jordan Peterson vs Sam Harris discussion in Vancouver: "What ...
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How good or bad are things now? Some facts

Good News, Bad News and "Facts" It is surprisingly easy to get caught up in things - a news story ...
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Religion as Operating System

If Religion was an Operating System, which one is yours?

Surprisingly comparing Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh OS and Linux is a little like comparing the Catholicism, Orthodox Christians and Protestants ...
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Jordan Peterson Lobster

Dr Jordan B Peterson – who the h*** are you?

Dr Jordan B Peterson is: A Global Phenomenon - yes Controversial - yes Best Selling Author - yes Clinical Psychologist ...
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Child Praying

Your buffering and why your computer sees you as God

To your computer, you are a God. The computer's raw data goes through buffering. It never sees the raw data ...
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Mary Children God

Maja’s daughter asked – “Where is God?”

Dr Peterson and God In March this year I had the privilege and pleasure to meet Dr Jordan Peterson. (I ...
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Eye of Horus

The GC logo has an evil “eye”? Nope. Wrong.

The “eye” is Evil - right? It turns out that is false. Not even close. Let me explain why below ...
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Matrix Neo Dies Jesus Dies

Can you get to heaven from the Matrix?

Stuck in the Matrix? Could you get to Heaven anyway? The Matrix is a great movie -  a lot of ...
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Good Shepherd Micro-chip his sheep

Good Shepherd Having His Sheep Micro-chipped

I found this great cartoon at Mass tonight.  It is funny - but also serious. The shepherd is adding a ...
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Meek is Weak?

Meek Seems Pretty Weak – They’ll inherit nothing

Matthew 5:5 Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth. On first reading of this, this sounds like ...
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Struggle and Pray

Struggle makes us Stronger – Why you seriously need Gratitude

Why Struggle? Father Raymond J de Souza says struggle makes us stronger. His article in the national post (here) looks ...
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Wish Upon A Star

Wish upon a star – Walt Disney team was deeply correct

Tonight I happened to hear one of my favourite songs growing up as a child - "When you wish upon ...
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Human Jesus

Suffering from not Suffering – Do not aim to for Happiness

There are dozens of books on happiness - How to be happy; How to become happy; Doing "X", "Y" and ...
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Guidance in Life - Bible

The Bible: History’s Greatest 4K Ultra HD Monitor

The Bible: History’s Greatest 4K Ultra HD Monitor Jaxson Smyth There’s a long-parroted notion that life without God or religion ...
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