Minecraft Cookies, Communion and God’s Unique Identifier? GUID

by gcadmin on Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

During Communion, we  eat the body of Christ and drink his blood – what does this mean?  Catholics believe it is real – that God transforms the Eucharist, other Christians believe it is not literal and therefore may be symbolic? Is this God’s Unique Identifier for us?

Sacrament of Holy Communion and Cookies

I thought about this a lot during many masses.  We are  sharing a piece of lord in the presence of a congregation that has a shared belief.  I think this is (or symbolises) taking a piece of Jesus into us so we are tagged and knowable to him.
In the God of Minecraft World, this is perhaps like giving the non-playable characters (NPCs) cookies they can eat when they gather to say thank you to you – creator of this Minecraft world. Eat the cookie and the NPC is tagged as belonging to you – “your people”. These good NPCs are your people.  Maybe you write their names down, or perhaps you have a Minecraft mod that stores the Entity ID. By choosing to be part of the shared congregation in one of your houses of worship those NPCs – your people – are joining with you. It is a pledge to be part of your family. After all, you made the world, created them, gave them free will.

More on Cookies

Interestingly the concept of cookies is already used in Browsers to tag you – allowing web sites to “know” you’ve visited a particular site.  MineCraft cookieSo my GC view is that this ritual eating of the body of Christ is just eating cookies from God. Eat “Gods cookie”, taking a piece of God into you, and he’ll know you as you are right now.  This is a little like a “Snapshot” in the virtual machine terminology.

Unique Identifier – They are everywhere


Uuid unique identifier

UUIDs can be created in many way – using a Network device MAC as part of a UUID is common.

In the technical world, the concept of a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) is common. You can invent your own UUID, although there are some common ones already in use.  A UUID is useful and critical to many algorithms and protocols.  It is also commonly called a Global Unique Identified (GUID or GUUID).    The GUID is used to follow data across a network or internet, or some programs embed the GUUD into themselves as part of security and to help tamper proofing themselves.

Even in science fiction, the idea of tagging a unique entity is common. For example, in “The Matrix” movie, a critical part of the story requires the protagonist Neo to consume a “Red Pill”. By consuming the red pill, Neo is uniquely tagged in the virtual world in which the Matrix characters are experiencing their reality.

Minecraft Cookie GUUID Eucharist

You are unique – and God has your Name and GUID.

Participating in communion is taking and re-enforcing our link to God – He knows you by name and by your GUID.  Have a cookie. You are most welcome in his house.  I think God’s plan includes restoring your snapshot somewhere special – some call it “Heaven”.


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