You are kind of a God in Minecraft.

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What rules would you create in your world?

no doubt Minecraft is a great game.

I remember spending hours in Survival mode on the Xbox building towers and hanging precariously to get the blocks aligned just right on the 4 sides.
My fingers were mashed tightly on the the controls so I didn’t accidentally fall off. I was quite proud of my creation – a tower a dozen stories high, a roof area, a plaza and with ‘elevators’.
(If you know Minecraft, at least in the early versions, there was some block trickery to get this behavior)
I impressed my kids. For a *little* while I was a minecraft master builder in their eyes. These days I am the apprentice and they are the masters.
The little animals in the game are cute – ducks, pigs, sheep. The villagers that popup in the maps are cool. With work I recall you could trap them in something you built like a library.
These NPC’s (non-playable characters) are pretty dumb. It would be cool if they were smarter. At least as smart as the ones in the Sims game. What if they were smarter?
Smart enough so you could play with them, like a pet dog or cat. They could do something meaningful in the Minecraft world and you could interact with them. With time, maybe they would be more than pets – more like friends. What would you do to protect your Minecraft friends?
You are kind of a God in Minecraft. What rules would you create in your world?
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