Win tickets to the almost SOLD OUT Dr Jordan Peterson Brisbane show!

 “12 Rules for Life – An Antidote to Chaos “- on 28th February, 2019 at the Brisbane Convention Centre – starts at 7:30pm.

(First show already sold out)

Economist Tyler Cowen – “Peterson is currently the most influential public intellectual in the western world” Dr Jordan B Peterson

Interested? See below for more info.

Competition Closed.


Thank you for your entries. We will review them carefully. Thank you for taking the time to give life to these ideas and thoughts.

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Dr Peterson helped solidify  my foundations  and ideas on the Bible, Religion, Western Civilisation – the corner stones for the God Code vision.

The Deal – How can I win a ticket to the Dr Peterson Brisbane Event?

Simple – Submit an Article or an idea for publication on GC.

I pick the best two – each winner gets one ticket – Section 17, Row TT.

The Rules

The article and/or ideas must be in the GC vain or a Dr Peterson topic related to GC somehow.

ie Use technology parallels, ideas, metaphors, analogies, thought experiments, simulations,  stories to link or highlight Science/Technology to Religion, The Bible, Christianity, or God.

Other points:

– The final say on selecting the winner is mine – and my selection will be final.
– I am happy to discuss by email, or voice – just contact me.
– Competition closes on Monday 6pm, 25th Feb 2019 AEST
– I will contact the winners on Sunday.
– The tickets are printed e-tickets in my name – and will be available for pick-up from Greenslopes
– By submitting your entry you are allowing GC to use your idea or article for the God Code.
– Your submission, when and if published, can be with your name or  Anonymous.
– If you submit an Article, it must be a reasonable article length. Very short articles or largely incomplete articles will not be eligible.
– You can enter more than one article  – The articles must be reasonably unique.
– These terms are subject to change without notice.

Good luck!





Dr Jordan Peterson Brisbane Ticket 2019


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