Win tickets to the almost SOLD OUT Dr Jordan Peterson Brisbane show!

 “12 Rules for Life – An Antidote to Chaos “- on 28th March, 2019 at the Brisbane Convention Centre – starts at 7:30pm.

(First show already sold out)

Economist Tyler Cowen – “Peterson is currently the most influential public intellectual in the western world” Dr Jordan B Peterson

Interested? See below for more info.





Dr Peterson helped solidify  my foundations  and ideas on the Bible, Religion, Western Civilisation – the corner stones for the God Code vision.

Free tickets and the Ticketek Stuff up

Last year when trying to obtain a couple of tickets, Ticketek web site stuffed up and in trying to get good seats I ended up with several extra tickets.  I decided to give them away in a competition – which went well.

So well that I’ve decided this year to do the same and now have two tickets in good seats available to win.

The Deal – How can I win a ticket to the Dr Peterson Brisbane Event?

Simple – Submit an Article for publication on GC.

I pick the best two – each winner gets one ticket – Section 17, Row TT.

The Rules

The article and/or ideas must be in the GC vain or a Dr Peterson topic related to GC somehow.

ie Use technology parallels, ideas, metaphors, analogies, thought experiments, simulations,  stories to link or highlight Science/Technology to Religion, The Bible, Christianity, or God.

Other points:

– The final say on selecting the winner is mine – and my selection will be final.
– I am happy to discuss by email, or voice – just contact me.
– Competition closes on 6pm Saturday, 23rd Feb 2019 AEST
– I will contact the winners on Sunday.
– The tickets are printed e-tickets in my name – and will be available for pick-up from Greenslopes
– If I haven’t been able to contact the winners by Monday, I will select an alternative.
– By submitting your entry you are allowing GC to use your idea or article for the God Code.
– Your submission, when and if published, can be with your name or  Anonymous.
– If you submit an Article, it must be a reasonable article length and near complete. Very short articles or largely incomplete articles will not be eligible.
– You can enter more than one article  – The articles must be reasonably unique.
– These terms are subject to change without notice.

Good luck!





Dr Jordan Peterson Brisbane Ticket 2019


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