What is God Code all about?

About God Code – GC – Online

Who created God Code Online? I've been a science nut since I was young.  However, before that I was born ...
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Do you need Inspiration?

Where you might find Inspiration? “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” - Arthur C Clarke I found inspiration ...
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Dr Jordan B Peterson

Dr Jordan B Peterson to the God Code

The elements of GC vision started a couple years ago. I always believed in the 'God of Religion', while also ...
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GC – FAQ – Mission

Frequently Asked Questions - What's the mission? Q: What is the God Code? A: A set of ideas and lenses ...
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Rational Thinking

How rational is it to believe in a Creator?

Can you be rational and believe in a creator? Does God - or what ever you might call it - ...
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Support God Code

Support the GC Mission

How can I support the God Code team? At the GC we are trying to bridge modern Science with a ...
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Technology and the God Code – Is it for me?

Is this (God Code) for me? Many of my initial ideas were focused on computer concepts and technical items more ...
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Who Are you?

I was born in the Philippines, raised with strong Spanish, Filipino and Catholic influences. I moved to Australia during a ...
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