You can join The God Code by filling in the information.  Please fill your skill(s) and comments appropriately.

We have a lot of ideas, and are thinking of more and always open to suggestions.  Our mission is simple – spread a better understanding of religion, ancient wisdom and through exploring and learning technology.

Minecraft World

Warriors of the past trained with physical swords and spears. We believe in training the mind. Ideas and digital technologies are likely the ground for future challenges and conflict. Become strong in this new battle ground. Train and become the hero to slay the digital dragon and restore order and vanquish chaos.

Some of our current ideas for projects include teaching applications, simulation which explore morals and stories from the Bible, building machine and deep learning models to test and emulate what has been learning in the past.  Explore virtual technologies to experiment with AI.  These projects will be aimed at interesting and contemporary platforms and technology – for example build our GC minecraft world.


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