Jesus of Nazareth – Ultimate Heroic character in the “simulation”?

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No matter what you believe the story of Jesus of Nazareth is embedded into the very DNA of our world. Is his story and message that we must each follow his steps in the hero’s journey – for ultimate reward in the simulation of life, or perhaps actual heaven itself?

Jesus – arguable the most influential historical figure of all time.

There are many historical figures documented with fascinating pasts and influence during their lives and after. However, Christians believe their most famous character died and performed something miraculous recently. The stories have been documented in the newer testament. How influential was this character? It is arguable that he had an influence far more reaching than today’s social media celebrities. These social media elite would probably be jealous of this.

Perhaps the proof that Jesus catalyzed the world is in the success of his sacrifice – showing us, the fledgling heroes in our own lives the steps necessary the ultimate reward.


 The “Simulation”

There are many theories that we live or experience our existence in a simulation.  We exists only as virtual people running on some beings computer like hardware that simulates our existence.  Some similar elements to movie “The Matrix” (Do you need to be good if you live in a virtual  existence)

This theory is difficult to prove or disprove.  However it does raise the question – if this is a simulation, like a game for life, how do you succeed?

In computer games there is often a series of challenges or quests which take you on a journey. On this journey you often learn of mystical events and history that help form your character in the story.  The difficult quests you undertake make you stronger, build your understanding of the world and add skills you need to continue.  Somehow parts of your story are “fore-told” – like you are following some grand plan laid out for you by the games creator.

The journey is hard. Your character however, is committed to the path – growing, getting stronger, reach multiple goals, steps – getting closer to fulfillment.  What ever that is.

Jesus died – the Heroes Quest

My GC analogy is so very simple – Jesus lived and died to show us what we need to do for our heroes Journey, our own ultimate quest.


Jesus was human.

Human JesusJesus was human. For 30 years, he grew up as a baby, child, young man and carpenter. He had a mother, a father and siblings. He ate, slept, grew tired, yawned, fell down, had all our normal bodily functions. He had joy, he was scared, he loved, was loved, he cried and laughed. There is some hint he also married – and hence had a wife and partner.

At some stage he knew or became aware of his calling – perhaps God enacted this at once, or perhaps God reached Jesus through the human biological structure – sending him visions, dreams, talking to him in his mind or prayer.

Jesus was impressive.

When he was approximately 30, Jesus started on a path that gave us wisdom as written and told in the New Testament and that resulted in his death some 3 years later. His influence in those 33 years has been staggering – some would say most of western modern civilization is what it is today because of Jesus. The device you hold in your hand as you read this literally is there because of what Jesus did. Think about that. That’s an influence over almost 2000 years, and over many billion past and living human souls. The most impressive Instagram influencer with millions of followers today would be overjoyed with having their influence last a couple of years. How confident would they be that they would still be influencing the world in 2000 years?

What do you believe?

If you believe Jesus was simply a historical human, then the historical human lived a human life and died a tragic and unjust death at the hands of a government influenced by activists of the times. He told stories and preached peace, lead by example. His stories and life were written and translated into the bible that has transformed the world. He is a truly remarkable human and his death should be celebrated just like Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa, Gandhi and Socrates etc.

If you believe Jesus was a prophet, then the previous paragraph still applies – and we wait the future savior that will deliver us everlasting life (and a snapshot transfer to heaven).

If you believe Jesus was the messiah, then he has already proven, at great cost, that God can snapshot you and bring you to heaven.

Whatever you believe, if you live your life even a little like Jesus, I’m sure your life will be a little better and ultimately the world will be a little better too.

Jesus Died Today


Jesus died today a long time ago – for you.





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