The Bible – God’s Read Only Memory (ROM) Code for Humanity

by gcadmin on Sunday, February 18th, 2018

Reading Bible - Wisdom - ROMComputers – which are now in almost every electronic device at our finger tips – have some common logical parts

The ‘Central Processing Unit’ is the brain. It can execute instructions at lightning speeds. Memory (RAM – Random Access Memory) holds sequences of instructions. The computer saves new data in RAM.  The Random part means the instructions can access, store, change and delete almost any part of the memory. This can be both constructively and destructively.  A critical part of a computer is the ROM – Read Only Memory.

The ROM instructs the computer what to do when turned on. The manufacturer of the computer needs to include the ROM so the computer does something sensible. The ROM typically has instructions to do things like a quick check of the computers components (what devices are connected, how much memory is there, etc). The ROMs job is to load the most basic instructions into the computer, and sometimes to hold information and routines that are static and should never change for that computer.

R.O.M. – Read Only Memory


Information TechnologyThe ROM usually runs routines which load more of the true computers software from the ‘changeable’ part the RAM and disk storage. In short, the ROM is static, created by the manufacturer. It is place in the computer so it is  able do something. The manufacturer stores the the best knowledge and instructions in the ROM. Overtime, the manufacturer will improve the ROM – put fixes and improvements, but the change is slow and measured. Thousands and millions of instances of the ROM will be running before changes are made.

The Bible is a collection of stories that survived for thousands of years and hundreds of generations. A way to work and grow in a tribe. The stories lasted for thousands of years before making it to the collated and written bible we know today.  They – the stories, parables, etc – are interesting enough to be memorable across this span of time.  They are workable. If they clearly did not work, or they didn’t sound true it would not have carried on.

Maybe the bible is the ‘ROM’ code for humanity?

Just because we can ‘see’ complex working system we might think we understand it. If we think we understand it and we can think of changes to make to it – BUT with truly complex systems the probability of the consequence of proposed change, actually being the consequence achieved is very low.

If humans are to come up with their own ‘morals’ – it assumes that the individual or few individuals can think and absorb enough knowledge about ourselves and understand them and THEN further understand a proposed new moral definition (which is the same thing as planning and forecasting a change). This knowledge we ‘think’ we have, does not compare – I believe – to the proven essence of thousands of generations.

You are most definitely a ‘newbie programmer’


Putting my programming hat on now. This is like a new programmer with a few months of experience that has written a few hundred lines of code. This newbie needs to understanding millions of lines of compiled code in a working operating system. This operating system is installed on billions of devices. Now you are having faith in this new programmer knowing enough to (a) make a program that does not degrade the whole system, (b) does not crash the whole system, and actually delivers the expected outcome.

Bible Rom

So independent of if you believe God created everything or if everything just ‘was’, there is wisdom embedded in the bible and surrounding culture.  If you believe God creating everything – then Gods creations lived for hundreds of thousands of years (and grew from biological instincts which evolved over millions of years).  Alternatively if everything just ‘was’ – then Judeo-Christian knowledge encoded in the bible and its condensed essence of morality has been key to the success of western society.  Morality that allowed humans to grow and populate the world and produce some incredible technological marvels and beautiful art work that appears to transcend reality.

Wisdom in the ROM


Use the bible – understand its wisdom and the core ‘ROM’ for yourself. Add and build on it. When you understand enough, then replace or supplement parts of it. Only then write your own code to add to the working culture! Don’t start from scratch.  If you try to write a new Operating system ‘culture’ from scratch, your brand new shiny code might include serious flaws. Those could lead to deaths of hundreds of millions of people. Marxism/Socialism were great theoretical endeavors that in practice kill in the hundred MILLION plus souls in the last century.



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