Walking with God

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Walking with Love: The Journey from Eden to the Cross

“In the midst of life’s storms, remember: He walks with you. From the genesis of creation, where Adam and Eve roamed Eden under God’s watchful eye, to the heart-wrenching moment on Calvary where ‘It is finished’ echoed through the ages, the message is clear…”

From the very beginning, the narrative of humanity has been one of companionship and sacrifice. The Bible recounts how God walked with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, illustrating a bond that transcends mere creation. Even when they disobeyed, God’s reaction was not one of vengeance but of a father’s disappointment coupled with continued provision. This divine relationship sets the stage for the ultimate act of love and sacrifice witnessed on Good Friday.


After almost three hours of unimaginable suffering, Jesus Christ, the humble carpenter who lived a life rich in love, friendship, and wisdom, uttered,

“It is finished.”

With these words, the Son of God, who danced, laughed, and shared in humanity’s joys and sorrows, surrendered His spirit. Crucified unjustly, Jesus’s death became a testament to a sacrifice that shaped the future of humanity. His influence, unmarred by time, continues to resonate deeply with billions, transcending the reach of any modern-day influencer.

Sacrifice, as we’ve come to understand, is about forsaking the present comfort for a future promise. It’s seen in the hard choices we make every day: the jobs we endure for our families, the evils we combat for our community’s safety, and the personal luxuries we forego for a brighter tomorrow. Jesus’s crucifixion epitomizes this concept, presenting the ultimate sacrifice for humanity’s salvation—a demonstration of love in its purest form.

Whether viewed as a historical figure or the Messiah, Jesus’s life and death evoke a profound realization of the power of sacrifice and love. His story compels us to reflect on the essence of our beliefs and the depth of God’s love for us.

As we commemorate Good Friday, let us remember that God’s presence in our lives is unwavering. ‘

Just as He walked with Adam and Eve through Eden and stood by Jesus in His final moments, He walks with us through our trials and triumphs. This Good Friday, we’re reminded of the boundless love that prompted God to send His only Son to endure the cross for our freedom from sin. In every challenge and every celebration, in moments of despair and instances of joy, the message remains clear: He walks with us, always.

What do you believe?
If you believe Jesus was simply a historical human, then his sacrifice was extraordinary. Let me put that fully – His sacrifice was extra ordinary. Jesus, his teachings and later his terrible death has benefited all of humanity.
However, if you believe Jesus was the messiah, then his sacrifice was absolutely unbelievable and driven by his love for us – A transcendent and miraculous sacrifice from none other than the son of God.

Jesus died today a long time ago – for you.

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