It is Finished – Ultimate Sacrifice

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Jesus Died Today

“It is finished” – Ultimate Sacrifice

After almost three hours of agony, Jesus gazes on Jerusalem and says “It is finished”.
His head bows, the crown hangs down and Jesus is now unconscious. This body is slumped forward away from the cross, his arms stretched backwards with only the nails holding him in place.

The human that has lived a human life for 36 years, laughed, slept, ran, danced, cried, lived with family, talked with friends, assembled loyal apostles, preached peace and taught wisdom, the humble carpenter has stopped breathing. Jesus of Nazareth is dead.


Jesus of Nazareth was crucified 2000 years ago, innocent of any crime, he was executed for political reasons. His teachings followed by his death has resonated all over the world. With over 2 billion people following his teachings today, to say he was influential seems to fall short of the mark. The top social media celebrities and influences pale in comparison to this humble carpenter from millennia ago.

Many believe that his sacrifice was they key to life after death. This sacrifice was not a quick death, not a relatively pain-less death – but the most painful death possible at the hands of the Exactor Mortis.


I’ve heard sacrifice explained recently – more clearly than I’ve understood it before.
Sacrifice is giving up something for some purpose, future purpose. Sacrifice is not eating all the grain for the current year, even though you or the family might be starving so that in the next season you will have grain to plant. Sacrifice can be going to work at unpleasant and perhaps dangerous jobs so that your family can survive and prosper. Sacrifice can be fighting true evil and malevolence so that your family, community and country might continue.

Sacrifice, even at its most selfish form, is giving up something now for your future self.
This future self could be tomorrow, next month or next year. It could be for you, your family or community. Like studying now so that in a few years you can support yourself and family.

Jesus’s sacrifice was the ultimate sacrifice, in ultimate agony for the future of all humans – A sacrifice for the future of all humanity.

What do you believe?

If you believe Jesus was simply a historical human, then his sacrifice was extraordinary. Let me put that fully – His sacrifice was extra ordinary. Jesus, his teachings and later his terrible death has benefited all of humanity.

However, if you believe Jesus was the messiah, then his sacrifice was absolutely unbelievable and driven by his love for us – A transcendent and miraculous sacrifice from none other than the son of God.

Jesus died today a long time ago – for you.

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