Who can you trust when you fall?

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There’s no doubt this cartoon is funny because there are several ways to interpret it.

You can count on Jesus to catch you when you fall –  but who is going to end up with Lucifer?
Surely you can count on him to always let you fall – wait – maybe he’ll catch you just so you unsure of what he’ll do.
Or perhaps more curly, what happens if Lucifer is paired with Jesus – would Lucifer dare drop Jesus?

Now while figuring out what is funny in this cartoon – there was something important you simply assumed.
You knew who was going to be good, and who was going to be bad – The unreliable one, the sneaky one, the evil one.

Don’t need or believe in God?

I’ve had people say they don’t believe in a creator or Jesus and that they don’t need a God. I’ve had people say they only believe in what can be proven scientifically – so there can’t be a God.

These people remind me of my daughter when she was 8 or so. She concluded she didn’t need to go to school anymore because she had learned all she needed to know.

What do you mean by God? – Jordan Peterson

I enjoy Dr Jordan Peterson’s response to these type of declarations or questions about God: What do you mean by “God”? What do you mean by “believe”?

Going back to the cartoon, I will bet you already defined something important with your assumption.  You assumed and therefore defined that “God” would be good – better than Lucifer, better than the others.

This definition stands out – “God” – the ultimate good. The best and amalgamation of all possible good behaviors, in the past, now or in the future. “God” – the being which is further most from Lucifer.

Jordan Peterson

  • God is that which eternally dies and is reborn in the pursuit of higher meaning and truth.
  • God is the highest value in the hierarchy of values
  • God is what calls and what respond to the eternal call to adventure
  • God is the voice of conscience
  • God is the source of judgement, mercy and guilt
  • God is the future to which we make sacrifices
  • think of God the father as the spirit that arises from the crowd that exists in the future. “Use sacrifice to bargain with the spirit of humanity – God – in the future”

So even from the purely philosophical it is arguable that the archetype of the ultimate good – God – will catch you when you fall.

Of course, those with a theological belief already know that Jesus will always be there to catch you.


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Rational to Believe in God?

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