Can you be rational and believe in a creator? Does God – or what ever you might call it – exist?

It’s an interesting, and to some, a deeply fundamental question.  At the end of day, this is something only you can answer.

rational thinkingThe current scientific theories about the future of our universe  seem to be around the ‘heat death’, or perhaps a  ‘Rip’.  The heat death, also known as the ‘Big Freeze’, means that in billions and billions of years time there will be nothing but photons and leptons spread like a soup across the galaxy at a few billionths of a degree above absolute zero.   Although I won’t be around then, it seems to me a stark and depressing future.

The God Code idea is not predicated on a creator existing or you believing in a creator.

Christian Atheists

Recently I have seen references to ‘Christian Atheists’ – A fascinating term and I think I like. It suggests that even if you don’t believe in an ultimate creator, the very survival and growth of humanity has benefited from Christianity – stories, customs, ideas etc (and likely other religions/cultures too- again my back ground, hence I know a little more in the Christian area).

The ‘Christian Atheist’ believes there has and is some benefit from this. To quote Dr Jordan Peterson:  “I think I don’t believe there is a God – but I’m afraid there might be.”


Rationality – It is ok to believe or have believed.

There is a great article by Nassim Nicholas Taleb (link below).  In essence, it says that what ever you believed to get to where you are (both as a person and as a member of the Human race) is valid  – It helped you get here therefore it is valid. This is irrespective of if your belief is scientifically true or can be otherwise proven.

Survival comes first, truth, understanding, and science later

In other words, you do not need science to survive (we’ve done it for several hundred million years) , but you need to survive to do science. As your grandmother would have said, better safe than sorry”

The GC is about rational discussions and ideas around the ‘creator’, the religions, culture, related beliefs and their links to science and technology.   If you believe – great. If you believe it’s ok and rational that beliefs got us here – great.  Not sure – check out the article.

Full Article: How to be Rational About Rationality


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