He is Risen – The Prodigal Dude is thankful

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“Welcome back PRODIGAL Dude … I’ll chat with you after I finish Day ONE of
my new `THINNED CALF` exercise regimen.”

Prodigal Dude

Prodigal Dude - Calf Training

Of course this is cartoon is funny if you recall that the father in the parable instructs his staff to get the fattened calf ready to eat and celebrate. (Luke 15:23)

The overweight calf is determined to not be enjoyed as dinner as the father celebrates the return of his lost son. So by losing weight he will be a ‘thin calf’ and so avoid being dinner.

That is smart thinking for this calf!

What does it mean?

The deeper meaning in this story of course is the relationship between the father and son. If you have a daughter or son, you probably would have similar sentiments to the father in the parable – if your lost daughter or son appears, you would likely celebrate, putting aside any thought about the wrong doing or why your child had been gone.
If you perhaps are the lost child, the message to you is that no matter how far you think you may have strayed, how disappointed you think you parents might be, the foundation of your return would be a celebration.

The prodigal son story is a message about redemption and renewal.

You may be feel lost, perhaps have done terrible things, lived in shame and worse. You may have been gone for a few months or a few years. However you will probably be welcome in your parents house.

Now I said ‘probably’ – because your parents are but humans with their own limits, I hope they would forgive and be happy on your return.

The really important news is that Jesus has Risen.

Gratitude SunsetInnocent of any crime, he gave his life voluntarily so that all of our sins could be forgiven.
That means you, no matter how bad you think you are, or how terrible you may have wronged someone, or even everyone – You ARE welcome back, absolutely anytime, at God’s house.
Perhaps the best part, he will celebrate your return (Sorry fattened calf!) with an enormous feast and proclaim the joy of your return to all.

Jesus has risen so Gods ‘Divine Mercy’ is ready and waiting for you.

What do you believe?
If you believe Jesus was simply a historical human, the parable of the prodigal son still applies. At the psychological there is clinical evidence that a rebirth or re-invention is beneficial. The teaching of Jesus to ‘treat others as you want to be treated’ actually has a deep reciprocity built in. Yes you should be kind and helpful to others, but, BUT – that also means you should be kind to YOURSELF.

You are worthy of redemption. Assume others will treat you kindly as the teaching says. That means you can make mistakes, even bad mistakes, but you can be forgiven – by others and even yourself.

As renowned Psychologist Dr Jordan Peterson’s Rule #2 (From his world wide best selling ’12 Rules for Life’) says in a similar way: ‘Treat yourself like someone you are responsible for helping.’

He is Risen

If you believe Jesus was the messiah then your father, God the father, is waiting for you in his house. Jesus has risen and that fattened calves are ready.
You just need to make the first step.

He is risen.
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