Praying is not a Direct Message – DM – to God

by gcadmin on Saturday, February 17th, 2018

Praying is not necessarily a DM – Direct Message – to God. This means you probably won’t be receiving a direct reply either. The age of social media has spoilt us so that we expect and demand answers in seconds and minutes.  We are no longer able to wait for a few hours for an answer to a voice mail, a few days for an answer to a letter.   Our attention span has shrunk – and we are living in the momentary froth of a giant wave in the surf of the ocean we call life.

If praying is not a DM – What is it?  Why even pray?


Maybe praying allows a state in which we are open to a broadcast message. Or rather like getting a message that was in plain sight.  For example, some hours or days later something in your life will glint – or suddenly grab your attention.  If you’ve played any console or computer games where you explore an environment – the ‘glint’ is the game designers call to you to interact with an object. The game designer is calling for you to interact with the object – its a hint that this could be the missing step, action, clue to let you progress further in the game or quest.

PrayingMaybe praying is tapping into something that is deeper in our physiology – something that perhaps evolved over a long time. Praying allows us to tap into this reserve of resilience or acquired knowledge by instinct. So God is not necessarily actively listening – rather provided us ROM routines that let us focus, and achieve more. (God’s ROM discussion is here)

Something will probably glint for you after praying – God is giving you a hint.

Give it a try.  If nothing else is working, then it sure won’t hurt and just maybe it will help


Possible Prayer Interpretations:

  • God Code view – Prayer is tapping into the foundation provided by culture and JCR (Judeo-Christian Religion) built in a world and universe from God.  The act of praying focuses and make us sensitive to the things in our room/house/life that, at a deep level, are where we need to act.
  •  Christian Atheist – Prayer is tapping into foundation provided by culture that survived for thousands of years. The survival of this culture (JCR) proves it is doing something right – and hence – why not  think of it as meditation instead of prayer. Tapping into your inner potential etc.  Your body and mind optimise to manifest what you are asking for in subtle and indirect ways.


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