Faith – It’s more than rational

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People of “faith” are often criticised as believing in irrational and unprovable things.

Bishop Barron explains faith in a simple but clear way.

“Faith – It’s not sub rational, It’s supra rational.”

Meaning that faith takes the rational as a given and then goes beyond.
In other words, push rationality to its limits, the go further with faith.

Start with the rational

An analogy that Bishop discussed goes like this:

Faith and PrayingSay you have met someone.

You know only a little a first, and perhaps you looked them up on line and then meet. During this early time you are absorbing and learning about them.

After much time you’ve become friends.  After a long time, at some stage the person might say or reveal something that is deep and from the heart. Something that you would not have known any other way.
So the reasoned friendship takes you far.

Acquaintance first, friends next, and then good friends..
Deep friendship only comes from faith – going further based on all you know already.

Rational Jesus

The rational study of Jesus and his teachings will take you far. What he taught resonates with our humanity, so much so that we have taken much and codified them into our various laws. Many say that the success of the western world is due to the foundations in the Judeo-Christian beliefs.

Studying the mythological symbols in the stories and lessons of the Bible will yield insight and deep truths.

Being acquainted with the rational Jesus is a good start. Knowing Jesus, is building on this and becoming enriched with Jesus is supra rational.

Have faith in him.

Rational Belief

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