Pick Up Your #$@ Cross

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“When you have people relying on you, you don’t get to
quit. People die if you quit. They suffer if you quit.


I like the Christian metaphor. It’s like pick
up your bloody cross and walk up the hill.
You know and of course there’s suffering in catastrophe associated with that.”
Dr Jordan Peterson

“My daughter was unbelievably ill for like decades.
It’s been brutal. She hasn’t lost her sense of humor.
She’s tough. We taught her right from the beginning.

You can lose your body and You could lose your soul.
She lost her body but she *didn’t lose her soul*

We encourage her *never never never* use her illness as an excuse. because
you blur the line. That’s not good.
Maybe one day you use the fact that you’re suffering as an excuse not to *do* something and then you’ve opened a little door you know you’ve opened the door to a place you do not want to go.

She [my daughter] didn’t do that. Now she’s healthy [and] completely recovered.
She’s tough as a bloody boot that girl and she has a great sense of humor and she’s really
enthusiastic about being alive.

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Jesus Died for You

Life is Hard

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