Is this (God Code) for me?

Many of my initial ideas were focused on computer concepts and technical items more familiar to someone working in Technology – IT. These concepts includes computers, memory, process, disk, virtual computers, operating systems etc.  More recently I have been working in cloud systems, deep/machine learning. Having worked in the IT industry for some time, this is my daily world of science.

However I have applied some of the same concepts and created some ideas that my children could relate to – like the MineCraft story. (God Craft?)  This would allow them to understand without having the in-depth knowledge. In this way, the GC ideas would have a broader potential audience.

Information Technology
My background, as Catholic growing up in an Asian country (and then Australia), means I know the Catholic bible, stories and rituals better – so these are typically the ones I try to interpret using the GC lens. I do believe there is a God that created our universe and the bible is the compiled wisdom across a long period of time.  (The bible is not a scientific journal written as a historically accurate account.)

God Code will make more sense if:

  • you are in Information Technology (IT) or
  • know a little about MineCraft, Steam and similar gaming platforms.
  • Are or understand Christians, the Bible etc.

My hope would be that if you are immersed in Science and Technology, then the articles and ideas here will allow you to see some validity and wisdom in our culture and history. At least see potential connections to your religion – Judeo-Christian or other. To find a deeper meaning in life.   I have found a little of that recently and can say that life with a deeper purpose is worth while and rewarding.

Rational thinking – Is there is a creator?


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