Where you might find Inspiration?

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Arthur C Clarke

I found inspiration for the GC while meditating at Church.  At the very least it was my regular time to reflect on what I was doing and wanted to do.  You may find inspiration anywhere – think about it, look for it – and you will find it.  (Or it may find you.)

As Dr Jordan Peterson says – Clean Your Room!.  If you do, something may glint at you, catch your eye.  Go on, take a look, pick it up.  Maybe THAT could well be what you should do.

Apart from my general faith, I found knowledge, wisdom, ideas and inspiration from the following people as well.


Dr Jordan Peterson
Great thinker and a modern day philosopher. Highly recommended - watch some videos, read the books. More here
Dr Jordan B Peterson
Orson Scott Card.

Great Author - Science Fiction and some Biblical stories - Of particular relevance is The Worthing Chronicle (included in The Worthing Saga). Why suffering is necessary to allow the ultimate good. GC article on this will be coming at some stage.
Isaac Asimov.

Legendary author - Inspired me a long time ago with interest in Science, Robots, Rules and Logic. I'll probably do an article on the famous 'Laws of Robotics' for the GC.
Isaac Asimov


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