Who created God Code Online?

I’ve been a science nut since I was young.  However, before that I was born in a significantly  Catholic country and raised in the somewhat Catholic culture and influences.

Despite my love for science, I have always felt a deep reverence for our Creator.  (Whom ever or what ever that creator is).

My journey seems to have brought me here. My belief is that science is fully compatible with God and religion, and consequently, my mission is to help in what ever way I can to show others this vision – my vision. I called my vision ‘The God Code’ – and this is my place to share my thoughts.


The God Code


GC  is a set of ideas, that can possibly help someone interpret  religious ideas with modern technology examples and analogies. The GC is aiming to be a lens or set of lenses to help you see how ancient stories and customs might actually be the equivalent of God’s programming:

The God Code

God's Coding Spiral

God Coding Spiral

The kernel of the GC started some years ago – I went through a difficult period and found solace and guidance in returning to beliefs from my youth. Not so much that I had lost the beliefs (or stopped believing) – rather that they had been put aside – placed in the box in the attic while I was immersed in the day to day of life – studying, working, getting married, raising children.


Going to church I found new meaning in the sermons. Surviving through the difficult times was easier when I was thinking about things with a renewed religious focus. It has taken me a long time to reach this point.  – I knew what I wanted to do.  I  needed to impart this knowledge to my children – and indeed if possible to others. This was the deal – for God – he renewed my faith and this was my mission and bigger purpose. I was a techie, a student of science and technology and I wanted to figure out how I can get others (which would be majority I would think now) to know that the God of the Bible was important – and that the God of Science was fully compatible with this. The God of Science would fulfil your technical and material desires. The God of the bible would fulfil your soul.
On the way to mass, during mass, going home from mass and figuring out how to explain the weeks sermons to my kids, the ideas bounced back and forth.

During one mass, it came together – Many of the stories and sermons in my head suddenly had loose analogies with real life programming tasks. The more I thought the more examples I found. The real life programming ideas, tasks, terms made understanding the sermons, the bible verses and lessons easier and more real. It was like God was a programmer and was ‘coding’. The ‘God Code’ was born.

Be Part of the GC Team

We have a job – to spread this understanding that has been lost, muddied and muddled in the recent generation.  Join us – share the vision.

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