Rational ThinkingThe Advanced Code Institute (ACI) is a not-for-profit organisation that provides programming, technical and broad education and training for young minds (in particular to those that have limited access to resources and facilities).  ACI takes pride in its commitment to provide top early education and opportunities to Filipino serious young budding IT students, no matter what their socio-economic background may be.

Programming, Big Data, Machine Learning – Computer Science

ACI delivers scholarships to deserving students who wish to start their study in the field of computer science. A batch of applicants are chosen based on their technical abilities and are awarded the suitable scholarships.

ACI is developing our curriculum and forming our training material and courses at the moment to launch in Manila, Philippines in the fall of 2018.

Types of Scholarships

ACI offers different types of scholarships based on the needs of each individual. The scholarships range from a half scholarship, which gives partial assistance, to a full scholarship, which provides financial aid for transportation expenses and relevant equipment.


The Advanced Code Institute is a joint initiative of the PowerConnex and GC to help young minds in the Philippines.

ACI is also seeking to partner with Ayala Foundation’s Center of Excellence in Public Elementary Education (CENTEX).

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